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There are a number of policies that Fitzcharles Training Ltd have in place, and copies of these polices can be requested at any time.
Data Protection Policy
Privacy Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Lone Worker Policy
Infection Control and Manikin Cleaning Policy
Copyright and Design and Patents Act
Advertising and Marketing Policy

Fitzcharles Trainings has taken out adequate insurance cover, as follows:

  1. Cover for Employers
  2. Employers Liability
  3. Personal Accident
  4. Public Liability Up to 2,000,000
  5. Professional Indemnity Insurance Up To 2,000,000 per claim

Portfolio of evidence
It is a requirement that all instructors have and maintain a current and accurate portfolio of evidence. This must be completed on Fitzcharles Training Ltd system, Worksafe Training, and The Association of Trainers system. This is required to conform to HSE, DVSA, JAUPT and Awarding Organisation requirements.
This system will automatically create the basic document showing personal details and all courses that the instructor is currently able to teach. Each time a course is taught (at any level) the portfolio document is updated automatically with the course details that has been taught through our ProTrainings, Worksafe Training and The Association of Trainers or anytime that instructor teaches through another training centre.

Courses not taught through Fitzcharles Training Ltd must still be added manually to the portfolio.

The portfolio should include: all relevant qualifications in teaching or any subject area that the instructor is teaching or intends to teach and all experience each instructor has within the subjects that the instructors wish to deliver training in.

Reviewing portfolio
The Fitzcharles Training Ltd system will alert the instructor on their instructor dashboard that the portfolio must be reviewed and audited. This will happen prior to commencement of the centre and at six monthly intervals to ensure that the document is current. Notifications on the dashboard will appear every six months.

Failure to update portfolio
Failure to comply with the above or to include incorrect or insufficient information, will result in immediate withdrawal of centre status.
It is the responsibility of all instructors to ensure that any instructor that they are using to deliver courses are; current, in date and have a valid portfolio of evidence. This information can be checked from their instructor dashboard where any other instructor approved to deliver courses through their centre will be listed with that instructors portfolio of evidence.

Minimum Qualifications Required
HSE approved First Aid at Work certificate
Regulated qualification – Compliance level 3 award in First Aid at Work
Level 3 Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector
Level 3 Award in Education and Training

Annual skill review
To comply with the skills for health and awarding organisation rules, every instructor must complete a skill review and quality assurance check at least every 12 months. This must be carried out by another independent auditor and will be; an observation of the teaching, skill review, checking equipment available, paperwork processes, assessment methods, teaching environment, health and safety and any other relevant information.

Notification of courses
It is the responsibility of the instructor to update Fitzcharles Training System, via their instructor dashboard, of all courses that result in a regulated qualification, this must be completed a minimum of 7 days prior to the course start date. If you are unable to do this (due to a late booking), create the class on the instructor dashboard. It is equally important to cancel classes in advance that are no longer being run and you must cancel this a minimum of 4 days before the course is due to run.

Using other instructors
There may be times where we may need another instructor to teach for us, this is possible and can be advertised through the Licence holders. By using other instructors you are able to ensure that our courses are delivered using the same material and at a high quality.

We hope that learners will never need to make a complaint but where this happens, Fitzcharles Training Ltd will encourage all parties to discuss this directly with their instructor. If the issues is not resolved by that instructor then Fitzcharles Training Ltd will independently investigate the issue.

Where complaints are escalated to Fitzcharles Training Ltd we will contact the learner directly to discuss the nature of the complaint. Once this has been identified then appropriate steps will be taken to investigate and resolve this matter.
For regulated qualifications, should both the Centre Owner or Independent investigator be unable to resolve the complaint then this complaint shall be subject to the complaints policy of Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance.

Course Bookings

  1. Fitness To Attend Training – Training Courses consist of practical elements within each course, (depending on type of course conducted), which include Recovery Position, CPR Training, Manual Handling, Bleeding Assessments, Physical Intervention skills. It is your responsibility (the person attending training) to make the course instructor aware of:
    1. Any medical conditions.
    2. Any medication being taken.
    3. If you are pregnant.
    4. Any medical problems that may prevent you from completing any sections of the training.
  2. Any Incident MUST be reported to the course instructor that day and an entry MUST be filed within the accident book.
    We, or any of our instructors will not be held responsible for any injury suffered by any person attending any of our courses.
    On issue of any invoice this will be deemed as your agreement to attend training with Fitzcharles Training Limited and all Invoices are due for payment on issuing and must be paid.
  3. All open Invoices that are not paid within 28 days will be subject to legal proceedings to reclaim costs and are subject to a £250 recovery agency administration charge, plus 8% interest charge, above bank base rate per week from original course date.
  4. Group Bookings – For group bookings dedicated to your company, either onsite or to be conducted at our training facility, by Fitzcharles Training Ltd issuing an invoice for your training session, this is deemed as your agreement with Fitzcharles Training Ltd and invoice must be paid.
    Failure to pay invoice will be subject to legal proceedings to reclaim costs and are subject to a £250 administration charge, plus 8% interest charge, above bank base rate per week from original course date.
  5. For courses that are booked and deposit or course fee is paid, if candidate has requested to have his/her place moved to a different course date, less than 14 days prior to original course start date, then a 35% admin fee will be charged.
  6. If customers require training date to be moved less than 1 week prior to course start date then course fee will be lost. All course transfers must be made in writing and we will only accept one transfer per candidate.
  7. Customers that wish to have their training date moved (more than 14 days prior to course start date) to another course date for whatever reason must complete the training within 4 weeks of the original course date booked otherwise course fee will be lost. All course transfers must be made in writing and we will only accept one transfer per candidate.
  8. Courses that are booked either by phone or email and deposit or course fee paid, this fee will be lost if candidate fails to attend on course date.
    Fitzcharles Training Ltd offer a no refund policy on training courses purchased if cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to course start date. It is your responsibility the purchaser to ensure that the training course(s) that you purchase through Fitzcharles Training Ltd are fit for your requirements.

Cancellation of Training
A complete refund of course fees, minus 35% admin fee will be paid if course is cancelled more than two weeks prior to start date, otherwise course fee will be lost. It is your responsibility the booker to ensure that you, your group, or any persons you wish to book onto training courses are available for training at the given dates, as we offer a no refund policy on all courses purchased, as per above.
All course cancellations MUST be made in writing, either email or letter.

Onsite Training
For onsite training at Companies Premises we charge a minimum fee for 6 candidates plus travelling expenses.
For onsite training at Companies Premises we charge a travelling fee currently charged at 0.40p per mile.
For training to be completed on site for companies the open invoice must be paid on issuing of invoice and all course fees must be cleared at least one week prior to course start date before training will take place, this can be completed either by BACS or Secure Credit Card Payment online.
If you have already agreed a set date for your Onsite Training and you require your Onsite Training Course to be moved to a new date, Fitzcharles Training Ltd must be informed no later than 10 day’s prior to course start date. Failure to inform us will result in course fee being lost.
For Onsite Training at your premises, or any venue of your choosing, course fee payable will be only valid for onsite training for original booking and will not be transferable to other dates.

Student Feedback
Once a student has completed the course they will receive an email or feedback sheet asking them to rate their instructor and to provide a star rating.
The star rating includes the overall rating including; the effectiveness of instructor, quality of teaching methods and organisation of the course.
In addition learners are able to leave a testimonial and a message to the instructors.
Once submitted, this information is then published live onto the instructor record.

Inappropriate or abusive behaviour
All instructors who are delivering courses will be professional at all times, this includes appropriate and inoffensive verbal and non-verbal communication.
The language that is used must be appropriate and tailored to meet the needs of learners and to promote learning in a safe and secure environment that supports learning.

Quality Assurance
Fitzcharles Training Ltd are committed to providing a first class service to our instructors and to our learners. In order to achieve this goal, we need to monitor the performance of our instructors on a regular basis. Where our instructors and/or centres fail to meet these high standards we reserve the right to withdraw active status of our instructors without notice.

Course Payments
Course payments can be completed by the following means:

    1. Online Card Payments
    2. BACS Transfer
    3. Cheques must be cleared with our bank before course commencement, and cheques must made to Fitzcharles Training Ltd.
    4. Failure to Pay Individuals and Company Bookings:
      1. As an Individual booking or Company booking you have agreed to our Failure to Pay Terms set out below:
        All Certification and course paperwork remains the property of Fitzcharles Training Ltd.
        Without course certification companies and individuals do not meet QCF, HSE or Ofsted Requirements for First Aid in the Workplace.
        Failure to pay any outstanding invoices will result in legal proceedings to recover costs.
        A debt recovery agency will be used and an administration charge of £250 will be added to any open invoice, to cover administration costs for failure to clear any open invoice.
        An 8% interest charge above bank base rate, including administration charges will be charged from invoice course date, per month, or part thereof.
        Course Cancellation by us.
        We very rarely cancel a course, but circumstances outside our control may force us to do so. In this instance Fitzcharles Training Ltd reserves the right to cancel a course and in this case will make every reasonable effort to rearrange training to suit everyone concerned.

It is an offence to use material produced by others without the express written permission from the copyright owner.

Website & Social Media
Fitzcharles Training Ltd is pleased to offer you access to this website/social media subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. The term “Social Networks” encompasses a broad sweep of online activity, including participation in social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Flicker, Twitter and our Support Forum.
By proceeding beyond the site home page, viewing or posting content to the Fitzcharles Training Ltd social networks, you express your consent to, agree with, and the understanding of these terms. Fitzcharles Training Ltd may, in its sole discretion, modify, restrict, change, or otherwise alter these terms, the site or the Fitzcharles Training social network, in whole or in part, impose limits on certain features on the site. By continuing to access and use the site and/or the Fitzcharles Training social network you will be giving your consent to, agree to  the modifications, changes or alterations. Please review these terms regularly as they may be modified from time to time without notice to you.